Random Thoughts – Pandemic Lessons

Random Thoughts - Pandemic Lessons

Random Thoughts - Pandemic Lessons

Use a double mask or triple mask to contain the virus

Don’t wear the mask for too long – it may lead to lung diseases


Inhale the steam – kill the virus in the nasopharyngeal cavity

Don’t inhale the steam – it is aiding the virus to get into the lungs directly

Eat fresh food – Increase the immunity

Eat fermented products – to increase probiotics

Consult a doctor immediately if you have severe symptoms

Panic is a danger than any dreadful diseases – be vigilant, but don’t rush

The vaccine will boost the immunity – you are safe

You might have a jab – but we don’t guarantee that you are free of infection. Stay home and stay safe

Employee safety is of prime importance – keep your self healthy and give time to family

What is going on – I want to know what you been doing over the month

Is your mind swirling how to digest the above statements? Covid has reduced the boundaries between various disciplines. The person who has experience symptoms and recovered has become an advisor. The person who took different medicines has become a pharmacist. The vivid social media follower has become our doctor. We have more screen time and more devices; hence there come more advice.

It is up to us what to consider and what to purge from another ear. I am no different; I have my observations and life lessons:

Life is not the same

Life has changed dramatically – right from how you breathe.

We took life for granted, and we forgot that we are mortal beings. Sad that we were woken up a bit late – losing so many lives. COVID is the only aspect in many decades, which shooked every soul on earth. Our life priorities have changed. Health and family come first, then others. The value of time is second to none.

Life is Normalized

The value and purpose of life different for different people. It is measured in various matrics:

·      Doctors – vitals (pulse rate, heartbeat, etc.)

·      Politicians – Number of votes

·      Teachers/lecturers/students – Number of marks/Ranks

·      Marketeers – Number of leads

·      Field Staff – Total sales

·      Parents – Social status / Children success

·      Content creators – Followers, impressions

The Carona virus does not have any bias based on religion, region, education, work, money, hierarchy, and principles. Unfortunately, the spike proteins doesn’t not differentiate the above attributes. COVID has bought all the lives to a common baseline.

Life is normalized COVID

The Life of a Woman is Full

Whoa!! There is nothing more significant than the life the woman leads. She assimilates everything and looks at life comprehensively. Sometimes it is a mess, but that may the proper aspect of life. She has a broader picture of child education, husband health, In-laws respect, Parents’ love, and most importantly, her career and office work. The current situation has given me a chance to see things more closely on her things.

Wishing all moms a Happy mothers day on 9th May 2021

Too Many Referees

Many referees pass on opinions on what you choose and what you do—also, many preachers can share their life experiences. But, as I said, we have more screen time and more gadgets – we can’t escape.

There may be a value in it; don’t be blunt to ignore all. We may have to take it with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, testing and trialing is a critical part of our life. If something is not working, try something new.

Too Many Referres