2022 Trends

Coronavirus continues to propagate with more mutations. So the trend of COVID is going to continue for 2022 as well. Some call it natural vaccinations, while others call it more fast-spreading strain – we may have to be vigilant for the next few months.

2022 Trends

Productivity hack NEw habits & NEw Strains

Repetitive actions at a defined time and space help in developing new habits. It is just not for humans, Coronavirus developed new habits for efficiency

New Habits - New Strains

machine learning algorithms - Biological Science applicaitons

Cell cultures shots briefings – Deep learning technologies helping to predict biological age and 3D structure of proteins. 

Immunological clock

Advances in science - CRISPR shots | Malaria free china | genes for short sleep

It is a massive leap in gene-editing technology. The most common method to treat using CRISPR is isolating the cells and editing in-vitro (outside body) and then injecting into the patient again. But, using CRISPR in-vivo is like delivering the entire gene editing assembly into the cell.

CRISPR shots

Curiosity and Ambiguity in science:

It is no surprise that we are yet to know many things about human life. The most studied model systems (cells, organisms) have many unknown aspects to science.

I want to bring a few exciting aspects that touch on curiosity and the grey zone in science.

Bacterial nanotubes, Neutrophil extracellular traps and Tumor-Immune cell fusion


Fusion of tumor and immune cells

New Updates: Why COVID-19 Is Hitting Men Harder

For the past year, it has been proven that females are a lot stronger in combating SARS-CoV2, causing fewer deaths than males. The severity is also seen higher in men for the hepatitis C virus.

Scientists opinion that there are cellular and genetic distinctions between males and females.

Coronavirus: Why Men are More Vulnerable to Covid-19

Basic Equipment In Cell Culture Lab - Say No To Uncertainty

“Today I am visiting the lab after four months – I want to dig the samples from -80egree freezer. Oops- there are so many vials – like me, all my friends might have stuffed their samples. The labels are smeared – could not differentiate vials” Said Rajkumar, Post Doc Researcher

I am sure you might have similar issues.

Read this article to know some new innovations for cell culture lab



Random Thoughts – pandemic lessons

Covid has reduced the boundaries between various disciplines. The person who has experience symptoms and recovered has become an advisor. The person who took different medicines has become a pharmacist. The vivid social media follower has become our doctor. We have more screen time and more devices; hence there come more advice.

It is up to us what to consider and what to purge from another ear. I am no different; I have my observations and life lessons:

Random Thoughts - Pandemic Lessons

Treating chronic pain – CRISPR based therapy

You can’t enjoy the pleasant breeze if you are in pain. The sensitive nerves may derail nature’s beauty. The speed with which the pain runs towards the brain is faster than Usain Bolt. By the way, was the speed of pain measured? Interesting question, isn’t it?

The existing treatment methods often associated with addiction. Read this article to know novel treatment method using CRISPR.

Reverse Aging - Back to lab

Can we reverse the aging? A big unsolved puzzle to answer. Time always moves forward, and so as the age. While answering the aging question, researchers curious to study the subject at cellular levels.

The true nature of the cells keeps changing over time with epigenetic modifications/noise. Can we reprogram the cell to move back in time or reset the age or slow the aging?

laboratory, analysis, chemistry

Cryo-shocked cells as pay-load

Have you imagined using dead cells to deliver the payload?

Scientists are exploring various modalities to deliver the drug – we have seen antibody conjugated drugs, lipid formulations, gold nanoparticles, microneedles, hydrogels, and many more.

A more straightforward method is using dead cancer cells to deliver the cancer drug. You may have a question, how the dead cells will act as a carrier.

Mindful COVID-19

scientists discovered the traces of sars-cov2 spike protein in brain

Brain fog, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction are some of the severe complications seen in COVID19. It is surprising to my brain that scientists discovered the traces of SARS-CoV2 spike protein now when our brain is already full of COVID 19. 

mental, human, experience

Happy Passaging in the new year 2020

The building blocks of our body are in constant flux. Every second, millions of cells die, and even a million other cells rebirth in our body. The “me/I” in the next second is different from the previous second.

This new year lets us make in-vitro models more relevant by exploring new upcoming techniques


Happy Passaging

Macrophage cues for skeleton muscle regeneration

The cells keep learning as we humans from the surrounding environment. The way how tumor cells behave is a lot to do with the tumor microenvironment. The regeneration of the injured cells also gets influenced by the wound-derived signals.