2022 Trends

2022 Trends

Virulent COVID

Coronavirus continues to propagate with more mutations. So the trend of COVID is going to continue for 2022 as well. Some call it natural vaccinations, while others call it more fast-spreading strain – we may have to be vigilant for the next few months. Countries like Israel and US continue to promote booster doses – amidst concerns about the effectiveness in the new and upcoming strains.

By the way, like why Kattappa killed bahubali, we have another daunting question on how SARS-COV2 originated in the first place.

Growing Vaccines

COVID has bought prominence to vaccines, new modalities are being investigated to treat pathogenic infections. We will see DNA vaccines, which are more stable and cheaper than mRNA vaccines, in the future. New variants are popping up, so as the new upgraded vaccines. Research is going on to introduce mRNA vaccines against the latest strains. Last year we saw prospects for vaccine candidates to treat HIV, Malaria – hoping to hear more this year.

Have you imagined that a vaccine could be approved in such a short timeline – great insights from COVID to streamline drug approval timelines further?


Within a decade of discovering genome editing applications in mammalian cells, more than 100 trials have been pursued in therapy and diagnostic applications. New therapeutic indications have been tested along with HIV and diabetes. 

Imagine CRISPR therapy directly via blood stream – initially, we thought it was unrealistic because of off-target effects, now it is practical – In 2022, we would see more clinical data for invivo CRISPR trials for rare indications like hereditary transthyrein amyloidosis

Reference: News: CRISPR Medicine in 2021 – What a Phenomenal Year of Firsts! – CRISPR Medicine (crisprmedicinenews.com)

Never ending Virtual Drama

Most of us did not see the office for the past two years. However, we manage to spend more time in office work. Thanks to Zoom and Microsoft teams background pictures – they made us believe we are in different locations, sometimes in offices, space, beach, cafeteria, and in many other spots.

The digital world has increased the distance within us – we have seen increased cases of burnout and mental illness. 2022 could be a year of revelation and being more practical.